It has been reported that in some countries, in south Asia, a berry, known as a miracle berry, exists. A berry that makes possible for sour food to taste like dessert. Farmer of sugar cane plantations fear that the cultivation of sugar cane will soon be not worth  anymore. Researchers in the food industry smell the great success and want to establish a chemical sweetener that contains no calories. Mothers looking forward, because they could finally make healthy nutrition taste sweet for their children. Is this the true vision of the future, or just a distant dream?


Make yourself a picture of this amazing plant. Below I will give you a few facts about this mysterious red and thumbnail-large berry.

Those who would like to know exactly, Miraculin has its origins in West Africa. Today it is cultivated in tropical regions such as Asia and Florida. The plant itself looks rather unspectacular and the taste of the berry is relatively neutral. But when you chew on it for at least one minute, all the following foods will taste sweet, even lemons.

Since the fresh berry cannot be preserved  for a long time, their magical ingredients are put in the form of a tablet. The main ingredient in this case represents the glycoprotein Miraculin, after the berry was named. The ingredient acts for several hours on the tongue, thereby taste of food like Tabasco, grapefruit etc. will no longer be sour but sweet. After a few hours the effect vanishes again and since it is a purely herbal product there are also no known side effects. The advantage to synthetic sweeteners is that Miraculin has no unpleasant demand or natural flavor. For diabetics and nutrition-conscious Miraculin is a real chance for a healthier nutrition without the total renunciation of sweets.


In Japan the berry is already officially obtained in stores, the tablets are still quite expensive because of the complex manufacturing process.

At you next visit in Khao Lak just watch out for the red berries. Between Khao Lak Land Discovery office and Discovery Cafe there are some bushes with the miracle berries.

Who wants to try the berry, can either try it at the next Thailand holiday, the harvest time is summer, or can purchase it on amazon.