A restaurant that has both Thai food that can feel the taste of Thailand in a form that foreign tourists can eat. Including international food that tourists are familiar with. There are also many quality drinks and wines available to try.There is a bar available if you just want to sit and have a drink. and experience the atmosphere at night. The restaurant is located on Petchkasem Road, Khao Lak, opposite Laguna Resort Hotel. Open every day from 12 pm – 11 pm

Australian tenderloin Steak

Chang Thong Restaurant - Australia Tenderloin Steak

It’s a great menu for those who want a luxurious, high-quality steak experience.Their meat is soft and juicy and packed with meticulous seasoning.Serving with side dishes will enhance the flavour of the steak perfectly.such as mashed potatoes or sweet boiled vegetables.The restaurant’s selection of side dishes matches the taste of the steak.It adds something special to eating steak even better.

Salmon Steak

Chang Thong Restaurant - Salmon Steak

It is a famous and interesting Thai food menu.It is the perfect combination of slightly sweet and sour flavours.not spicy Including the crispiness of the ingredients that come together when stir-fried in a hot pan.Different colours are added by using various fresh vegetables to decorate the menu such as pineapple, cucumber, carrot, onion, shrimp and squid, etc. Add sweetness from the sauce. I want you to come and experience it yourself.

Sweet & Sour Seafood in hot pan

Chang Thong Restaurant - Stir fired shrimp and Squid Sweet and Sour

I must say that the Salmon Steak menu has sour cream sauce.In addition to the good quality salmon from here The taste and texture is soft, oily, mellow, and crispy from the fish skin that we have carefully grilled.Makes it taste unique in the style of this place.Served with a sour cream sauce that won’t make it too salty.eat it with vegetables on the side like potatoes and carrots to get the sweetness from the vegetables. Therefore, it has a smooth consistency that fits perfectly in the mouth.

Roasted Duck with Cashew nuts

Chang Thong Restaurant - Stir fired duck with Cashew nut

Roasted Duck with Cashew Nuts Menu to eat with hot steamed rice that may not be eaten very often. It is a menu of fried duck combined with the sweet smell of Cashew nuts and onions.The taste will be sweet and mellow.Enhanced with various seasonings that are guaranteed to impress those who try it!

Chicken Green Curry in Coconut milk

Chang Thong Restaurant - Green Curry with Coconut milk soup

Green Chicken Curry is a sweet Thai curry dish. Mellow and slightly spicy The first impression is the smell from Thai herbs such as green chilli peppers, Kaffir lime leaves and basil leaves. These are the basic ingredients of green chicken curry. Served on a Thai style container. more appetising.

Deep Fried Seabass
topped with Chilies X Tamarind Sauce

Chang Thong Restaurant - Deep fired sea bass topping with Chilli and Tamarine sauce

Fried and topped with Chilies X Tamarind Sauce Large sea bass with firm flesh Fish fillet topped with three flavoured dipping sauces sour, sweet, and salty. and has just a little spiciness Make the taste mellow Eat with steamed rice.add the richness of the meal by pouring sauce with side dishes. Eat together in big bites. The flavours will blend together perfectly.

King Prawn Grill with 3 flavour or sauce

Chang Thong Restaurant - King prawns Grills with 3 flavour sauce

King Prawn Grill large size The taste is sweet. You can feel the freshness of the seafood.Served with your choice of three dipping sauces.If you want to eat Thai flavours, you have to use seafood dipping sauce Or it’s a garlic and pepper sauce.If you don’t want to eat spicy sauce, focus on white wine sauce and tamarind sauce.You can choose according to your needs.

Come and experience for yourself the fresh, clean food.The decoration of each dish on the menu is unique.It’s a restaurant that has both Thai and European food. Every menu is worth trying.Including drinks that you can choose according to your preferences fruit juices, cocktails, mocktails, soft drinks, wine.There is a bar for tourists who just want to sit and drink while enjoying the atmosphere at night.

Location : Village no.7 District 26/107 Khuk Khak
Takua Pa, Phang-nga 82220
Map : Chang Thong Restaurant Khao Lak
Reservation: +66 91 825 6457
Facebook : Gold Elephant Restaurant