Khao Sok National Park – 3 Days Tree House and Wildlife

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Khao Sok National Park, Phanom District, Surat Thani, Thailand
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3 days 2 nights

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About this tour

If you are seeking for new experiences, adventure, amazing nature and wild animals Khao Sok National Park is the right place to be. We invite you to explore it with us. 3 days far from civilisation.

Khao Sok 3 Days Rainforest explorer: Tree house and Wildlife

We offer you a combined adventure tour into one of the oldest national parks of the world. It includes the full mix Khao Sok Jungle Explorations, Wildlife-Safari and Rainforest Explorer.

Our 3-day tour includes all the activities as well as both accommodations – one night at a fancy treehouse and another one at bamboo hut at the lake side. Impressive landscapes, wildlife and lots of new experiences you should not miss are waiting right there for you.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey deep into the fascinating rainforest of Khao Sok.

On your first day you will explore the riverside of Khao Sok by canoe and meet some gentle elephants to have a bath together. You will enjoy lunch and dinner at the beautiful Rock and Treehouse Resort and later have enough time to explore its amazing surrounding.

After an unforgettable night in one of the unique Treehouse bungalows in the middle of nature and a breakfast in recreative atmosphere, the second and third day will be spend at the barrier lake. As we go by longtail boat you get the chance to easily enjoy fascinating landscape on your way to the bamboo huts. Here you will check-in and enjoy a real Thai lunch, before going on an afternoon safari with your local ranger.

We recommend you to keep your eyes wide open, as there is a good chance to spot wildlife.

Another night safari is planned after dinner. Then it will be time to take some rest in your own bamboo hut, as we start early in the morning for canoeing. Next, there will be breakfast to strengthen you for a real jungle trek to explore the untouched nature of the rainforest.

Follow your guide along hidden tracks and listen to the sound of the jungle. Another lunch and then we head back to your hotel, cruising again through the diverse landscape of Khao Sok.


Your friendly driver and guide will pick you up in a comfy air-conditioned minibus at around 8 am in front of your hotel lobby. The pick-up time may vary depending on the location of your hotel, but we confirm the exact time when you book.

On the way to Khao Sok National Park, we make a short stop at the Takua Pa morning market. Markets such as this one are an integral part of the Thai economy, allowing local producers a place to sell the fruits of their labour. The adoption of the farm-to-table concept in the West may be trending these days, but it has always been the primary way that Thai people have shopped for fresh produce and fast food. You will have time to browse the stalls selling fresh produce, meats, seafood, and prepared dishes before we move on to Khao Sok.

Ready to meet the largest land animals in Asia? We supply you with some of their favourite snacks to feed them, and then get ready to join them in the river for the ultimate elephant pool party! A highlight of the itinerary for kids of all ages and sure to bring out the inner child in everyone! These majestic beasts adore splashing around and having a blast in the water, so be sure to pack your swim clothes because you are in for a wet and wild time!  It is a good idea to bring a waterproof case for your phone if you wish to stand on the river bank to take photos because you might get a shower from the trunk of a playful elephant.

A Khao Lak Land Discovery exclusive and an experience on its own, we bring you to dine and stay at the Rock and Treehouse Resort. Tour food can often taste less than stellar, but not on this tour. Our highly skilled chefs will prepare a mouthwatering Thai lunch, sure to tease your tastebuds! With a towering limestone cliff as the backdrop to this resort oasis, the Rock and Treehouse offers more than just great food and amenities!

Embark on a relaxing and scenic canoe ride down the Sok River with the help of your local paddle guide. During the ride, you will take a break midway to enjoy a coffee in an eco- friendly wild bamboo cup. The Khao Sok region is home to giant monolithic limestone cliffs that rise above the jungle canopy and create a breathtaking sight. However, the rugged terrain and dense rainforest make it difficult to explore on land. Canoeing down the Sok River is the perfect way to navigate this mountainous region. Without the need to paddle yourself, you can keep your hands free to take perfect photographs of the stunning landscape and elusive creatures that inhabit it. With knowledge of the local habitat and its inhabitants, your paddle guide can help you spot creatures you might otherwise miss.

It is time to get up close and personal with the resident monkeys at Wat Tam Panturat Temple. The peaceful environment of the temple often attracts animals seeking refuge, including curious monkeys. However, monkeys are known to be collectors and may take your valuables, such as necklaces and bracelets. For this reason, we highly recommend leaving any such items in the minivan to avoid them becoming part of the monkey's collection.

After an exciting day, we bring you back to the Rock and Treehouse Resort for a delicious dinner. Sit back and relax, enjoy a refreshing cocktail from the bar, and mingle with guests while you dine in style.

Bathe your senses in the serene ambiance, relax in the lagoon-style pool or have a couple of drinks from the fully stocked bar before heading to bed. The choice is yours!

A well-appointed, air-conditioned room awaits you when you are ready to turn in for the night. Couples on have rated their stay at the Rock and Treehouse Resort a 9 out of 10. Sleep well, and remember to charge your batteries and electronic devices. Electricity is limited when you get to the lake, and you will not want to miss any photos of the breathtaking scenery tomorrow! If you wish to upgrade your room at an additional charge, check availability when you book. We will do our best to furnish you the room you desire.

Previous guests at the Rock and Treehouse rate the breakfast highly. Start your day on the right foot with a delicious and satisfying breakfast that will give you all the energy you need to tackle the day’s activities!

After arriving at the pier near the Rajjaprabha Dam, you will board a traditional Thai Longtail boat to begin a sightseeing cruise across Cheow Lan Lake. As your captain navigates the way to your accommodation for the night, make sure you have your camera ready! Thousands of panoramic photo opportunities that are only possible from a boat are waiting to be captured and immortalized! Soon, you will take note that the boats carrying tourists on day trips begin to fade into the distance behind you. Your destination is much further across the lake, near protected wildlife sanctuaries, where wild elephants and big cats still roam.

Once you have completed your scenic cruise across Cheow Lan Lake, you will reach the designated accommodation area where you will spend the night. Refuel with a traditional Thai lunch to satisfy your appetite. Afterward, you can take some time to relax, socialize with fellow guests or take a dip in the lake. It's important to note that the electricity at the accommodation comes from a generator that only operates during the daytime. Therefore, you should make the most of every available opportunity to recharge your batteries and electronic devices.

Once you have had time to relax and let your food settle your captain and guide will take you on a late afternoon wildlife spotting expedition by boat. With some luck, you'll be able to spot some wildlife as they come to the shoreline for a drink. As the warm, soft light from the Magic Hour shifts the hue to blue, we will return to the accommodation for dinner.

After the boat has returned to the location of your humble accommodation, we have a traditional Thai meal waiting for you. The rest of the evening is all yours, so feel free to do whatever you like! We want to remind you to take advantage of any chance to recharge your batteries and electronic devices. Not having electricity can be a wonderful thing. On a clear night without light pollution, you can gaze at the stars and capture stunning images of the heavens. Use this time to enjoy the peace and solitude in darkness and marvel at the beauty of the night sky!

The spartan yet charming bamboo huts serve as more than adequate accommodation for adventurers who wish to escape mainstream mass tourism. Slip into bed and catch up on some rest in preparation for an early morning wake-up call to begin the activities planned for day 3.

If the sound of gibbons and birds has not already woken you up, your guide will. Prepare to embark on an early morning wildlife spotting expedition before breakfast. Dawn is the perfect time to spot diurnal creatures waking up and starting their day. Photographers love the light of the Golden Hour for its warm hues and soft contrast. During the first hour after sunrise, the warm tones of the soft morning light make colours and skin tones look more vibrant. The low contrast of the soft morning light brings out details in the shadows, making it easier to get the perfect exposure without overexposing the highlights. While you can try to achieve similar results in post-processing on your computer, the effect will never be as natural as the real thing.

After the morning excursion, your captain and guide will bring you back for breakfast. Once again, remember to top up your batteries. After lunch, you will head into the depths of the rainforest on foot in search of more wildlife encounters.

Get ready for an incredible adventure! Your experienced guide will lead you on a thrilling trek through the lush rainforests and grasslands in search of elusive wildlife. While cruising on the lake is the ideal way to spot elephants, guar, and other large animals that visit the shoreline, exploring the surrounding terrain on foot allows you to discover many of the smaller creatures that call the jungle canopy and forest floor home. From playful gibbons swinging high up in the trees to elusive Dusky Leaf Monkeys hiding in dense foliage, there is always something exciting to discover. There are around 200 species in the park, including nine of the world's 57 hornbill species. While catching a glimpse of the wildlife may be the highlight of the trek, keep your eyes open to spot strange carnivorous pitcher plants and delicate endemic orchids nestled among the trees. Please note that your guide will select the best location for the trek based on certain conditions, such as the water level of the lake and the amount of recent rainfall the area has received.

Keep your eyes open for wildlife along the shoreline and in the sky at the beginning of the journey back. Along the way, there will be many opportunities to take more pictures of the breathtaking landscape.

You will stop at a floating restaurant for a delicious traditional Thai lunch. Your guide may alter the location and take you for a picnic-style lunch on the shoreline if the restaurants are too crowded. After lunch, there is time to swim in the lake for a refreshing swim or sit back, relax, and take in the view.

Your boat captain makes a stop at a truly unique destination. You'll be transported back in time as you step into a stunning cave filled with speleothems that have taken thousands of years to form. Stalactites hang perilously from the ceiling, and stalagmites rise from the ground, growing in size right before your eyes. Witness the creative power of nature at work as the cave continues to transform and evolve long after we are gone.

All good things must come to an end. Your captain will navigate the Longtail boat back to the pier, where your minibus driver will be waiting to take you back to your hotel. Please be sure to take all of your belongings off the boat when you disembark. Now is the time to use the facilities if you need a bathroom break before the minibus departs to take you back to Khao Lak.

Your driver and guide will return you to your hotel around 6 pm. The exact time depends on weather conditions at the lake and the location of your hotel. From everyone at Khao Lak Land Discovery, we hope to see you again soon.

What to bring

  • Good mood, Sun screen, Mosquito repellant, Swim wear, Towel, Camera (with waterproof case/bag), Comfy shoes (trekking shoes for the jungle), Spending money, Extra clothes


  • Transfer from and to your hotel in Khao Lak
  • National park fee
  • Stay at the Rock and Treehouse Resort (2 person/room)
  • Stay at the bamboo hut at the lake side
  • Lunch (3x), breakfast (2x), dinner (2x)
  • Non-alcoholic drinks
  • Elephant bathing
  • Long Tail boat rides and safaris
  • Paddle guide, local ranger
  • Professional tour guide
  • Transfer from Phuket (extra 3500THB)
  • Gratuties


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Khao Sok National Park, Phanom District, Surat Thani, Thailand


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