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Beer in Thailand – Everything you need to know about Thai beer

bier in thailand

Beer in Thailand – Everything you need to know about Thai beer

Beer is one of the most important selling products in Thailand, which comes along with a long history. Starting beer brewing in 1933 Thailand established to be a successful niche product in the Thai market as well as in the world market. The biggest and most popular breweries in Thailand are the Boon Rawd Brewery, Thai Asia Pacific Brewery and Thai Beverage. Boon Rawd Brewery is known for its production of Singha Beer and Leo Beer. The production of the famous Chang Beer is at the ThaiBeverage Brewery and the Thai Asia Pacific Brewery brews Heineken and Tiger beer.


Beer in Thailand

Beer in Thailand

The local market share of all three breweries is shown in the bar graph of the infographic. Uppermost is the Boon Rawd Brewery with a local market share of 69,06%. On the second spot is Thai Beverage with 26,76% followed by Thai Asia Pacific.

If you have a look at the pie chart of the info graphic you will see that the best-selling beer of Thailand is Leo beer with 53%. Close to this is Chang beer with 38% followed by Singha beer with 7%.  Last but not least is the Phuket beer with 2% from all purchases.


Not only the Thai but also the international beer is known in Thailand. In order to support the local brands and breweries, the Thai government controls the import of foreign beers through duties.


The beer in Thailand is regarded as a feudal refreshment with alcohol component, which can be bought in bottles as well as cans. Only a smart amount is delivered as barrel goods to gastronomic companies. The leaders among the beer brands are Singha, Tiger, Leo, Chang and Phuket beer.

Singha beer

Singha beer – The brand with the mystical lion

The oldest and best-known Thai beer inside and outside of Thailand is Singha beer, which is brewed in the Boon Rawd Brewery. The Boon Rawd brewery started to brew in 1933 in the north of Bangkok and is one of the more modern and large Breweries in Thailand.

The Singha beer is a larger beer with 5 Vol – % of alcohol. As an alternative, Singha offers Singha light beer with an 3.5 Vol – % of alcohol.

The logo of the beer is a Thai mystical creature in the form of a lion, which belongs to the history and nation of Thailand. In the figurative sense, it is the symbol of power, strength, courage, leadership and loyalty. At the bottleneck there is also a Garuda, the official emblem of the country and the kings.  The award of the Garuda counts as the highest honor for a company, which can only be received by the king and the nation.

Singha Beer 330ml: 39 THB
Singha Beer 620ml: 60 THB

Leo beer


Leo beer – The number one among the Thai beers

Leo beer belongs to a slightly newer beer brand and is also a lager beer. As well as Singha beer, it is brewed in the boon Rawd brewery in the north of Bangkok. Leo Beer ist considered as a cheap alternative to Singha beer. It’s alcohol volume is 5.5%.

Leo Beer 330ml: 38 THB
Leo Beer 620ml: 56 THB
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Chang beer

Chang beer – Are you strong enough?

The elephant beer (chang = elephant) is brewed by the ThaiBeverage brewery, which is one of the largest and most modern breweries in Thailand. The headquarter of the Brewery is in Bangkok, but Chang beer is actually produced in the city of Ayutthaya. Chang beer can be bought as a can and as a bottle. The classic Chang beer has an alcohol content of 5.0 Vol – %. Due to this high alcohol content, two elephants are shown on the bottle.  True to the motto: drink one and see two.

Chang Beer 330ml: 37 THB
Chang Beer 620ml: 56 THB

Tiger beer

Tiger beer – The original from Singapore

Tiger beer is a beer brand from Singapore. It is a light lager beer with an alcohol volume of 5.0 Vol – %. As an alternative Thai Asia Pacific Brewery  offers Tiger light with only 2.0 Vol – % of alcohol. The beer has been brewed since 1932. In 2004 and 2010 the Tiger beer won the gold medal in the categories “International-Style Lager” and “European Style Pilsner” in the World Beer Cup.

Tiger Beer 330ml: 38 THB
Tiger Beer 620ml: 58 THB
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Phuket beer

Phuket beer – A beer according to the German Purity Law

The Phuket beer with its alcohol content of 5.0 Vol – % is produced in the San Miguel Thailand Brewery. It is one off the first regional beers in Thailand, which is brewed with the first class German hops and the high quality Thai jasmine rice. It is the only Thai beer that complies with the German Purity Law. Due to its uniqueness, it became the first Thai beer winning a gold medal at the 2006 Monde Selection Awards.

Phuket Beer 330ml: 65 THB


On which days is selling alcohol forbidden?

Because Thailand is a Buddhist country, the law prohibits to sell or drink alcohol on Buddhist holidays. Also prohibited are the election days, where additionaly the serving of alcohol is forbidden 24 hours before the election day until 24 hours after the election day. The penalty for selling on religious holidays and election days is 10000 THB and/or half a year in prison.

Regardless of the supermarket or a small shop just around the corner, alcohol may only be sold between 11 am and 2 pm as well as 5pm until midnight. If you still sell acohol outside these hours, you will be fined with 4000 THB and/or one to two years in prison.

In hotels, bars and entertainment establishments other laws apply, as you can consume alcohol throughout the day. Some bars may even serve alcohol until 2 am,  having in mind that the last round should be ordered before midnight.

Officially, alcohol can only be sold and consumed starting the age of 20; this will be controlled and in case of doubt an Identification card must be shown.

Drinking in public is strictly prohibited on temples and religious installations as well as public facilities, government buildings and parks.

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