Khao Lak Off Road Safari – Exclusive Khao Lak Jungle Experience

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Phutajor, Phang-nga
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About this tour

Get ready for an unforgettable, awe-inspiring day filled with adventure and excitement! Join us on our hallmark Khao Lak Off Road Safari, exclusive to us, that helped make Khao Lak Land Discovery famous! We’ll take you on an exhilarating off-road expedition through the rarely-visited Phutajor region, where emerald rainforests blanket towering mountains, amongst which an abundance of wildlife flourishes and big cats roam!

Khao Lak Off Road safari

Just south of Khao Sok National Park and far off the tourist trail, behold breathtaking panoramic views unobstructed by any signs of civilization atop our formidable off-road vehicle as it traverses the ascent to 600 metres elevation! Experience serendipitous encounters with isolated wildlife and curious creatures, who, often lacking any fear of human beings, may venture closer to investigate new visitors to their pristine habitat!
During the Khao Lak Off-Road safari, you’ll stop to stretch your legs on a short jungle trek, and to where you may ask? Nearby, a vivacious waterfall awaits to fill your soul with positive energy, targeting all of your senses of perception and leaving you in a state of reverent peace and harmony.
But that’s not all! Jump in a canoe, and let your experienced paddle guide navigate downriver, where the sounds of wildlife radiate from deep within the rainforest and the canopy overhead.
Of course, on our full-day tour, you’ll treat your taste buds at lunchtime to the explosion of flavour that Thai cuisine is famous for! You’ll visit a traditional Buddhist temple juxtaposed with
lush vegetation and gain a brief cultural impression of the religion that shaped this great nation.
Don’t forget your camera! Instead of flocks of tourists, fill your images with the unbridled beauty and wonder found in Phutajor! Take a 4×4 journey into the wild, made possible only with Khao Lak Land Discovery!


  • At around 8:30 AM, you will have no difficulty spotting which vehicle our driver and guide are picking you up in! About this time, you will realize that you didn’t book some mundane tour!
  • Pick-up times vary slightly based on the location of your hotel, thus, your exact pick-up time will be confirmed at the time of booking.
  • Local Buddhist Temple

  • Thailand is world-famous as one of the centres of the Buddhist faith, and temples dot the landscape. Temples in urban areas are the centre of the community, providing spiritual guidance to millions of people and a place for festivals and events. The temple you'll be visiting is far away from populous areas. Allowing resident monks and visitors a place of peace and solitude, the ideal environment for meditation and quiet contemplation while on the path to total enlightenment. Every sculpture, mural, altar, and angle has a meaning or purpose and was designed intricately with this in mind. 
  • If you wish to enter any temples, temple grounds, or areas held sacred, please remember to dress accordingly. Your clothing should not be too revealing and must cover your shoulders and knees. Instead of wearing trousers, long dresses and skirts, or restrictive shirts and blouses, a sarong can worn to cover up in a pinch. Never walk in front of people when they are in the act of prayer. Remember to remove your footwear and hats before entering any temple, shrine, or stepping onto a monument platform. If you are unsure of whether certain conduct is permitted on temple grounds, be sure to ask your guide, as they are there to inform and assist you whilst on tour.
  • Canoeing at Klong Sang Nae, Takua Pa

  • Your tour activities include a local paddle guide taking you on a relaxing cruise downriver, revealing hidden mysteries of the rainforest that you may otherwise miss if not viewed by boat. Without the need to paddle yourself, you're able to focus your attention on the lush forest that lines the river bank and the canopy overhead, keeping your hands on the ready to take photos of the diverse flora and fauna found at Phutajor National Park.
  • Many of the forest’s inhabitants are masters of camouflage and elusion, making them very difficult to spot. Your paddle guide’s knowledge of the local habitat and its inhabitants will be a boon in assisting you to spot creatures that you might otherwise miss.
  • Water is the lifeblood of the rainforest, ever-present and the enemy of your valuable electronics. We recommend bringing a waterproof case, bag or cover to protect these devices from splashes, rain, and accidental immersion.
  • Lunch

  • When selecting a restaurant to dine at, most people take the ambiance into consideration. Great tasting food, accompanied with the desired ambiance, results in a more satisfying dining experience than taste alone. The beautiful natural setting that was chosen for lunch creates an ambiance which would be best described as sublime. Here, you will enjoy a delicious Thai meal, which, aided by the ambiance, creates an ideal environment to nourish your body and soul.
  • Khao Lak Off Road Expedition

  • Embark on a Off-road journey through the mountainous rainforests of Phutajor National Park! Rarely visited by tourists, the Phutajor region remains to this day, pristine and undisturbed. Phutajor is inhabited by giant squirrels, monkeys, wild cats, and a myriad of other flora and fauna. For example, the world’s largest flower, the Rafflesia, can be seen here at certain times of the year. If the Rafflesia flower is in bloom, you will likely smell its putrid odor long before you find the flower! As the Off Road traverses the varying terrain, the slow pace creates a revivifying breeze, intensifying during the ascent to an elevation of 600 metres.
  • Breathtaking panoramic views, intriguing wildlife, and the lush rainforest vegetation make this an ideal location for avid photographers. It’s best to have lenses that cover the entire gamut of focal lengths at your disposal, from wide to super-telephoto, in order to capture all that is to be seen at Phutajor National Park.
  • Relax at waterfall

  • Stroll through the rainforest, listen to the Rainforest Symphony, and keep your eyes open for the members of the orchestra. After a brief 15 minute hike, the sound of a rushing waterfall appears in the background like quiet drum roll, intensifying like a crescendo as you draw near. Throughout history and in all corners of the world, waterfalls have been been revered as sacred places with an almost supernatural ability to revitalize the mind, body, and soul. This will become evidently apparent after just a few moments of your arrival at the falls. Most people will never get any nearer to an idyllic setting such as this than viewing the scene on the screen on their phone or TV. Moments in time such as these have the uncanny ability create episodic memories, our most complex memories, allowing you to recall the sights, smells, sounds, textures, the taste of the air, and the emotions you felt. Take a moment to breathe it all in!
  • Your off-road safari has come to an end and it is time to take you back to your hotel in the Khao Lak area. You’ll be back in time to watch the magnificent Andaman Sea sunset at the end of an adventurous day in backcountry Phang Nga.
  • What to bring

    • Sun screen, Mosquito repellent, Swim wear, Towel, Camera (with waterproof case/bag), Comfortable shoes or flip flops, Clothes suitable for entering temples (knees & shoulders covered)


    • Transfer from and to your hotel in Khao Lak
    • National park fee
    • Lunch, non-alcoholic drinks
    • Paddle guide and professional tour guide.


    Fullday (+7hours)



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    Phutajor, Phang-nga


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