Hello globetrotter! You are vacationing in Khao Lak, Thailand and want to experience something outside the box (meaning the pool of your hotel complex)? Congratulations, you have found the right place. I will tell you how your holiday in Khao Lak will be perfect and what you should not miss out on.


Surely you have heard of the James Bond Rock. But I’ll tell you a secret: there is much more to discover in the Phang Nga Bay than the setting of an action movie. But first you have to overcome a hurdle: set your alarm clock to very early in the morning, the early bird catches the worm! Yes, I know you are on vacation and want to sleep in, but believe me; you will be in awe when you glide over the water in a traditional long tail boat and see the sun rise on the horizon.

Your destination is the Hong Islands: canoeing into lagoons, you can only access when the low tide exposes small windows in the limestone you barely fit through – therefore the getting up early. Another plus: There are certainly no tourist crowds at this time! Inside the lagoons you will find a natural phenomenon that is hard to put into words, you have to experience it yourself: mangroves grow from the turquoise blue water and above you you’ll see the bright blue sky flashing between the stunning rock formations. Your paddle guide will also point out special features of the rocks, the Thais are very creative and you will be amazed if you suddenly discover a puma or a face in the limestone.

Another highlight is the stilt village. Here you’ll have lunch at a waterfront restaurant. You will also have time to explore the village and pick out a souvenir to take home. Of course, the lifestyle of the people living there is very different from yours and mine, so be sure to take a closer look. And don’t worry; you will still see the James Bond Rock. But surely you will agree with me that this one rock is not representative for the beauty of this area.

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Pack your swimwear; we’ll go to Koh Kho Khao! Either you borrow a scooter or you can explore the island by taxi. However, be careful, if you should decide to travel by scooter: In Thailand there is left-hand traffic and the driving style of the Thais is sometimes, well, adventurous. Departure is from Nam Khem Pier, about 30 minutes north of Khao Lak, where you can comfortably board the ferry to the island with or without a scooter. On the Island awaits you the ultimate peaceful paradise: If you have enough of the busy city, Koh Kho Khao is the perfect retreat. Miles of sandy beaches, and you’ll always find a place where it’s just you. I especially recommend the Hapla Beach, were you can treat yourself to a delicious drink and relax in the beanbags with a view of the turquoise blue sea. Deep relaxation guaranteed!


You want to dive into the underwater worlds of Thailand but not share the island paradise with too many other tourists? How about the Surin Islands: maybe not quite as well known as the Similan Islands, but that will ultimately only benefit you. And the Surin Islands are just as beautiful as the Similan Islands! On three different locations you have 45 minutes to explore the underwater paradise. You will see breathtaking coral reefs and dazzling fish in the turquoise water. On the main island, you can enjoy a traditional Thai lunch and then relax on a dream beach. I can assure you will not forget this panorama!

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Tips for your perfect holiday in Khao Lak

On a trip to Thailand a visit to one of the countless national parks should not be missed. Since you’ve chosen a great location with Khao Lak, you are already surrounded by high class national parks. Do not miss the Khao Sok, the largest national park in southern Thailand with a rainforest that is older than Amazonia. There are several ways to discover the rainforest: If you only want to go for a day exploring, you could, for example, combine a canoe trip and elephant bathing, or you could go a little further and explore the Cheow Lan Lake on a longtail boat , go for a jungle hike and visit the sea caves on site. You can’t decide and you want to do both? No problem, you could also choose to stay overnight! Speaking of which, there is another possibility for the true adventurer and animal lover among you that offers you to spend a night in a hut by the lake deep in the jungle and go on a wildlife safari. If you can do without luxury, this one is definitely the choice for you. If I have sparked your interest you can check it out in here, click in the Link and you will find our offered excursions (including overnight) explained in more detail: Khao Sok Tours It’s still not enough for you? Here is a special article dedicated to Khao Sok ONLY, and if your still craving more, then you just have to pack a bag and experience the National Park yourself!


For this adventure you should wear solid shoes, because the hike to Chong fah waterfall is not that easy. You will be rewarded for your efforts though. Your goal is a beautiful five level waterfall that is surrounded by a jungle atmosphere that makes this place feel very special. The path along the waterfall is ridged by rocks and lianas so there is always plenty to look at. Of course, if you start to sweat, you can cool off in the waterfall basins. A highlight is the fish spa: in the lowest basin you can find the famous “Nibble fish”. Put your feet in the water and save yourself a visit to the salon.


There are a lot of nice beaches in Khao Lak, but which one is the prettiest? Which one is the most unique? Well, you could visit them all, but since you’re so busy following my other tips, I’ll tell you about my favourite beach: The memories Beach. This Beach offers you Surf school ambience with wall of pine trees as far as the eyes can see but nowaday there were a bit crowded as thier is the Top Destionation Beach for the most visitors. On top of that there are a bar and restaurant ready to served you not to overpriced. Let me know in the comments if I did convince you! Or read more about the Beaches of Khao Lak.


You’re no longer in the mood for the standard restaurants and you’re looking for something special?

How about a lunch by Klong Koo in the river? You’re sitting with your feet in the cool water, surrounded by the jungle having a delicious meal – the perfect lunch program. Another plus: despite this unique experience they are not overpriced. The restaurant is located near the Sairung waterfall and can therefore be a great combination!

The restaurant Phu View in Khao Lak Center is quite different but no less spectacular: after climbing the steep mountain (or getting a ride) you can enjoy the scenery of Khao Lak while eating. If you’re going there in the evening you will have a good chance of seeing a beautiful sunset as well.

You can find more restaurant recommendations in our The Best 10 Restaurants In Khao Lak article. Enjoy your Meal.


Try the delicacies of Thailand or enjoy a delicious cocktail (or two, you’re on vacation) in one of the bars of the bustling Bang Niang Market. On the Market you have the opportunity to taste some typical asian fruits and spices. You will find everything your heart desires, and if you want to eat some European food for a change, you can also enjoy a schnitzel here. If you go a little further, you will also find shopping opportunities. Clothing, toys, electronics or souvenirs; I guarantee you can find it at Bang Niang Market for little money. Your loved ones are sure to be happy about one or the other gift. And if you’re already in the area, round off the evening with the next point:


Right next to the Bang Niang Market you will find the Moo Moo Cabaret. The artists here offer you a show that should not be missed. You have nothing to lose, because admission is free. The show starts every day at 9:45 pm and is something for every age group, because everyone is here to have fun. Let yourself be enchanted by the imposing costumes of the performers, who are all made by hand, and forget about everyday life for a few hours. With a lot of wit and charm, they will offer you a show that will surely make you smile.