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Snorkelling tours

Phi Phi Islands<br /> <em>The Island, the BEACH</em>

Phi Phi Islands
The Island, the BEACH

This amazing Island in the South of Phuket will offer you an amazing place to relax and a beautiful underwater world. You will have the chance to see the famous Maya Bay (known from the movie “The Beach”) as well as other lovely islands and their sights.

Similan Islands<br /> <em>The best mix of white beaches, snorkelling and view point</em>

Similan Islands
The best mix of white beaches, snorkelling and view point

Similan Islands have the best mix between beautiful white beaches, crystal clear water for snorkeling, a stunning viewpoint at Sail Rock and an untouched flora and fauna. We will visit two different islands and two different snorkeling spot. Our Similan Tour is a early bird tour to avoid the crowds.

Surin Islands<br /> <em>Island life and snorkelling</em>

Surin Islands
Island life and snorkelling

An unspoiled paradise. The fantastic coral reefs, different species of fish and white sand beaches invite you to enjoy the beautiful nature.

Tachai Island<br /> <em>Thailand's best beach</em>

Tachai Island
Thailand's best beach

This tour is currently unavailable, please select another tour.

Khao Lak Tours

DOLPHIN CRUISE DAYTRIP<br /> <em>The NEW must do Khao Lak day trip</em>

The NEW must do Khao Lak day trip

Would you like to go on exclusive trips from Khao Lak and discover the hidden treasures without many tourists? Visit secret beach, go snorkeling and fishing on this exclusive coastline cruise.

DOLPHIN SUNSET CRUISE<br /> <em>The NEW must do Khao Lak Sunset Tour</em>

The NEW must do Khao Lak Sunset Tour

Trips in Khao Lak: Exclusive Serene Sunset Cruise. Thailand’s sunsets are legendary! Enjoy our dinner cruise with unobstructed views. Set your soul and taste afire!

Khao Lak Safari<br /> <em>Local Khao Lak Nature Highlights</em>

Khao Lak Safari
Local Khao Lak Nature Highlights

Enjoy Khao Lak’s diversity. A mix of adventure and relaxation. Nature and animals. Trekking and rafting. Are you ready?

Khao Lak Off Road<br /> <em>Adventure and fun off the beaten track</em>

Khao Lak Off Road
Adventure and fun off the beaten track

Are you ready for some fun in the nature? Enjoy canoeing on a river and let us take you by jeep to wonderful hidden places in the middle of the jungle.

Khao Lak Golf<em><br /> Play with a Pro</em>

Khao Lak Golf
Play with a Pro

Tee off with the sun as it brushes mountain, palms, shore and fairways with the pale hues of the dawn at Tab Lamu Navy Golf Course, Phang Nga, Thailand.

Khao Sok Tours

Khao Sok Full Day<br /> <em>The biggest national park of southern Thailand</em>

Khao Sok Full Day
The biggest national park of southern Thailand

Let us take you to the natural beauty of Thailand deep inside of the rainforest to exotic places and elephants.

KHAO SOK LAKE<br /> Full Day<br /> <em>Breathtaking Cheow Lan Lake – The Highlight of Khao Sok</em>

Full Day
Breathtaking Cheow Lan Lake – The Highlight of Khao Sok

We take you on an adventurous day tour to the lake, limestone cliffs and rainforest. Follow your experienced ranger into the jungle and find a landscape that may remind you of Jurassic Park.

Khao Sok<br /> 2 Days Treehouse<br /> <em>Variety and comfort in the rainforest</em>

Khao Sok
2 Days Treehouse
Variety and comfort in the rainforest

Spend a comfortable night in a beautiful tree house and explore real nature on the same hand.

 Khao Sok<br /> 2 Days Wildlife Lake<br /> <em>Best Chance for Wilde Elephants, Gaur, Gibbons, Muntjaks, Hornbills and many more</em>

Khao Sok
2 Days Wildlife Lake
Best Chance for Wilde Elephants, Gaur, Gibbons, Muntjaks, Hornbills and many more

You want to see the real beauty of untouched nature, far from civilisation? Then our overnight tour on the Cheow Lan Lake in the midst of rainforest is exactly what you are searching for.

Khao Sok 3 Days<br /> Treehouse & Lake<br /> <em>Khao Sok All in One</em>

Khao Sok 3 Days
Treehouse & Lake
Khao Sok All in One

If you are seeking for new experiences, adventure, amazing nature and wild animals Khao Sok National Park is the right place to be.

Phang Nga Tours

James Bond<br /> Phang Nga<br /> <em>James Bond and more…</em>

James Bond
Phang Nga
James Bond and more…

Explore the stunning nature of Phang Nga Bay… Learn more about ancient civilizations, the amazing nature and witness the astonishing scenery.

Hong - Phang Nga<em><br /> An amazing nature experience</em>

Hong - Phang Nga
An amazing nature experience

Hong Island is a fascinating, unique and undiscovered natural sight.  It is a highlight for every adventurer and nature lover.

3 Temples<br /> Phang Nga<br /> <em>The glamour and mystery of an ancient culture</em>

3 Temples
Phang Nga
The glamour and mystery of an ancient culture

Spend a day full of culture and religion. See the most beautiful temples around and get insight into a Buddhist’s belief.

Phuket Tours

Phuket<br /> Sightseeing & Shopping<br /> <em>Shop ‘till you drop</em>

Sightseeing & Shopping
Shop ‘till you drop

Longing for city life? Phuket offers a lot of opportunities for shopping, culture and sightseeing.

Phuket<br /> Weekend Market<br /> <em>Shop ‘till you drop</em>

Weekend Market
Shop ‘till you drop

See two famous sights of Phuket, which cannot differ more. The Big Buddha, as a place for quiet reflection and the lively as well as fascinating weekend market, putting a sparkle in the eye of every shopping enthusiast.

Patong by Night<br /> <em>Dazzling night life of Patong</em>

Patong by Night
Dazzling night life of Patong

Do you want to experience a new kind of nightlife? Then let’s go to Phuket – Patong Beach by night is a MUST for every visitor.

Phuket<br /> Do It Yourself<br /> <em>Create your own trip</em>

Do It Yourself
Create your own trip

You would like to organize a customized day trip to Phuket? We will help you to structure and optimize your trip.