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Taxiprices in Khao Lak

Taxiprices in Khao Lak

How much does a taxi cost from your hotel to Khao Lak, Bang Niang market or to the waterfall ? We have the current taxiprices in Khao Lak.

Price for taxi depends on location, number of people and distance. There are some points where you can find taxi pricelists

If you looking for a Taxi from Phuket Airport to Khao Lak ? Please find here our Khao Lak Taxi prices

Taxi from Phuket Airport to Khao Lak

Signs with the taxi prices you can find at:

Taxiprices Khao Lak Center

There are no price lists in Khao Lak center/Nang Thong.

Taxi price from Khao Lak center/ Nang Thong is valid for 2 person and way. Every 2 person more costs 50 THB extra.

Bang Niang Market150 THB (4 person 200 THB)
Emerald / Merlin / Briza150 THB
Orchid Resort250 THB
Ramada / Mukdara150 THB
JW Marriott Hotel300 THB
Meridien Hotel300 THB
Chong Fah Waterfall350 THB
Orchid Garden250 THB
Thai Boxing Stadium150 THB
White Sand Beach300 THB
Sunset Hotel100 THB
Khao Lak Resort100 THB
Thai Muang800-1000 THB
Takua Pa800-1000 THB

Bang Niang Market

Minimum price is 150 THB for 2 persons per way.

Every 2 persons more cost 50 THB extra.

Khao Lak Center150 THB
Sai Rung Waterffall400 THB
Chong Fah Waterfall300 THB
Lampi Waterfall700 THB
Orchid Garden200 THB
Mini golf150 THB
Boxing Stadium150 THB
Khao Lak Lam Ru N.Park200 THB
Lam Kaen Temple400 THB
Small sandy Beach250 THB
White Sand Beach300 THB
Bangsak Beach500 THB
Koh Kho Khao Pier600 THB
Haadson Hotel500 THB
Meridien Hotel300 THB
Sarojin Hotel300 THB
Takolaburi Hotel300 THB
Apsara Hotel300 THB
Palm Galleria Hotel300 THB
JW Marriott Hotel300 THB
Orchid Resort250 THB
Andamania Hotel250 THB
Palm Garden Hotel150 THB
Andaburi Hotel150 THB
Nang Thong Resort150 THB
Country Side Resort150 THB
Seaview Hotel150 THB
Palm Hill Hotel150 THB
Oriental Hotel150 THB
Laguna Resort150 THB
Khao Lak Resort150 THB
Sunset Resort150 THB
Palm Beach Hotel150 THB
Merlin Hotel250 THB
Emerald Hotel250 THB
Briza Hotel250 THB
Diamond Resort250 THB
Thai Muang750 THB
Takua Pa700 THB
khao lak taxi

Ramada/Chong Fah/Pinoccio

Minimum price is 150 THB for 2 person per way. Every 2 person more cost 50 THB extra.

Khao Lak Center150 THB
White Sand Beach350 THB
Haadson Hotel550 THB
Le Meridien Hotel350 THB
Apsara Resort350 THB
JW Marriott Hotel350 THB
Orchid Resort300 THB
Andaburi Hotel150 THB
Nang Thong Resort200 THB
Khao Lak Resort200 THB
Palm Hill Hotel200 THB
Oriental Hotel200 THB
Seaview Resort200 THB
Laguna Hotel200 THB
Palm Beach Hotel200 THB
Sunset Resort250 THB
Merlin Hotel300 THB
Emerald Hotel300 THB
Briza Resort300 THB
Diamond Hotel300 THB
Thai Muang800 THB
Takua Pa700 THB


Basic price 1-3 person and every person more cost 50 THB. Price for TAXI is per way.

Khao Lak Center150 THB 1-3 person
(4 person 200 THB)
Bang Niang Market250 THB 1-3 person
(4 person 300 THB)
Chong Fah Waterfall500 THB
White Sand Beach500 THB
Sai Rung Waterfall500 THB
Lam Pi Waterfall500 THB
Thai Muang Beach700 THB
Bangsak/Haadson600 THB
Takua Pa900 THB

All Taxiprices Khao Lak are without guarantee – please ask the driver in advance.

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