The “Moo Ka Ta – all you can restaurant” is about 3 km to the north of Bang Niang’s Police boat and located on the right side. You can’t see this local restaurant from the street. It is situated in a hidden backyard.It is open every day from 5pm to 11pm. The idea of the restaurant is very simple: you pay 129 baht and then you can use the buffet as long as you want. For your drinks you have to pay extra.

At the buffet you will find a wide choice of different marinated and raw meat for example chicken, beef, pork or also some seafood. You pick your favorite meat and take it to your table, where a hot pot is waiting for you. This pot can be used as a barbecue grill, so you just put all your meat and seafood on it and then it will be grilled. But it’s not just a barbecue grill, it’s also a very good soup pot, because you will get a pitcher of hot water, which you can put into the pot. On the buffet there are also some glass noodles, fresh vegetables, lemon grass and other typical Thai soup ingredients for your own created soup.

Be curiously and adventurous and try all the deliciousness of or just have a look in the pots of the local people and copy it. A lot of local Thai people come to “Moo Ka Ta” for dinner. On the buffet you will also find many deep-fried appetizers, noodle dishes and salad. They have also a big choice of dips, which vary from sweet-sour to totally spicy. You can put several dips in small bowls and take them to your table.

Those who want to have a seat in an authentic local restaurant next to Thai people are definitely right in “Moo Ka Ta”. And we can guarantee you that everybody will be full after this special meal!