Three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, the Bang Niang Market opens its doors from 1 to 6 pm to sell everything locals as well as tourists are interested to buy.


The market can be roughly divided into seven sections. On the one hand there are vegetables and fruits as well as meat and fish to buy. On the other hand there are pre-cooked dishes and several deserts. Furthermore many different souvenirs and Thai handicraft can be bought. Surely t-shirts, sunglasses and bags are waiting for a buyer as well.


It is most important to visit the market with an empty stomach to be able to try all the delicacies at the market. There are for example chicken eggs that get emptied, the inside gets mixed with spices and filled back into the egg shell. The egg is then barbecued on a stick. Seems to be a little bit like scrambled egg but in the shell. They also offer many different deep fried and other barbecued snacks that should be tried. For very low prices a great variety of spring rolls and stuffed snacks with vegetable and meat can be bought. Afterwards we would recommend a small cake made out of egg yolk or bananas cooked in coconut milk.

At the fruit stalls it is important to be a little brave and to try a few of the unknown types. For example the rose apple, which belongs to the family of the guava, has a red, waxy skin and white flesh. The apple is juicy and tastes sweet-sour and is therefore very refreshing.

Another fruit to recommend is the queen among the fruits: the mangosteen. It has a dark red skin and white flesh which looks like a garlic clove. It has about the size of a tomato and tastes sweet-sour. The variety of substances makes this fruit so special. It contains many vitamins, minerals and more than 40 xanthones which act against cancer, infections and allergies. These substances also have a positive impact on the skin appearance, strengthens the immune system and the effectiveness. The list is much longer and the title of this fruit is well deserved.

At the next stall are already the satoh hulls hanging down, which beans are most present in local curry dishes. The taste is slightly similar to the garlic taste. Next to it you find uncountable herbs and spices that you should surely try to smell once. After the vegetables, the market visit becomes a bit more critical. The fresh meat and fish section has its very own smell and shell be avoided by light nosed visitors. Well cooled but still populated with quite a few flies, a great variety of fish and meat is offered here. On demand the stall owner will cut fish and chicken in the desired pieces right there at the stall. Dried and salted fish can also be bought here and contributes its part to the smell at the market. If you have passed the shrimps, squids, crabs, fishes, pig brains, chicken feet and intestine you deserve a break at a small pub at the end of the market that serves cold drinks and even has some life music.


However, for the shopaholic probably not enough yet, you can find more stalls on the other side just as long as the fish and meat stretch. Here you will find sunglasses, belts, wallets and bags to be continued with shoes, t-shirts and swimming dresses. Furthermore a great variety of handmade decoration, silk, embroidered bags and paintings is offered. Make sure to always bargain for a fair price for both, the seller and the buyer.

After a long and shopping intense day it is time to go home. The day at the market will be one of the great stories you will be telling friends and family at home.


Next to the build factory is another thai market. It opens sunday, Tuesday and Thursday in the afternoon. This market is mostly only for thai people. What makes it also very interesting. You can get fresh curry pastes there, sugarcane juice and other very special deserts.

Twice a year there is a bigger market next to the road section which leads from Bang Niang to Nang Thong, Khao Lak Center. Its there for almost two weeks and next to the usual things they sell at markets there are slides and carousels for kids.