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Phuket Weekend Market

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See two famous sights of Phuket, which cannot differ more.

The Big Buddha, as a place for quiet reflection and the lively as well as fascinating weekend market, putting a sparkle in the eye of every shopping enthusiast.

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One sensation of Phuket is the Big Buddha. Build up from white marble the statue is rising up to 45 m high and 25 m wide into the sky. It is visible from almost every point of the Thai island. A must-see for every tourist – that is why the Big Buddha is our first stop in the south of Phuket. We will reach him at about 3 p.m. and enjoy the best view over Phuket.

Then, around 1 hour later, we will arrive at the weekend market. Its official name is Naka Market. It is the biggest one in Phuket. Some people say it equals a hidden treasure full of shopping opportunities and culinary delights. Here you will find a wide range of souvenirs, clothing, shoes, bags and DVDs. And if all that shopping has made you hungry? Then you should taste and gourmandize yourself through the numerous Thai delicacies that Naka Market has to offer.

Join us to enjoy a lively and fascinating day in Phuket till we head back to Khao Lak at around 7 pm.