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Phuket Sightseeing and Shopping

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Longing for city life? Phuket offers a lot of opportunities for shopping, culture and sightseeing.

Based on our expertise we designed a program with a nice mix of sights and shops, views and scenes, city and beaches.

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On our day trip to Phuket you can dip into the lively world of a beautiful town. Our program will take you to the most famous sights and the best shopping opportunities around.

In the biggest shopping center of the south, international known brands can be found and let a woman’s heart beat faster. For the men maybe the food court might be more interesting? There you will find everything – from typical Thai food up to European kitchen. It is the best opportunity to get your lunch for the day.

For sure, we also included some cultural input, as the temple in Phuket is a raving beauty and helps gaining an insight into Thai mentality.

Driving along the west coast we will take a break at a view point to admire the lovely beaches of Phuket, before we continue our tour to the lively area of Patong. While some are testing their bargainee skills, others might find some rest in one of the numerous fish restaurants or enjoy a pleasant massage before we return.