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Off-road Safri Adult

฿ 3,000

Are you ready for some fun in the nature?

Enjoy canoeing on a river and let us take you by jeep to wonderful hidden places in the middle of the jungle.

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According to the season we take you easy-going to the most exciting places where you can amongst others try canoeing in silent nature. You will get the chance to paddle by yourself down a river and past the typical landscape of South Thailand. At the waterside you will find big palm trees and durian plants. The smell of blossoming flowers will let you travel into the land of dreams.
Luckily, we are only a small group and there will be no other tourists to disturb us while exploring the rainforest up close and in person.

In the middle of the day we can recharge all together with delicious Thai food at a local restaurant.

Then, while cruising with our special designed pick-up truck you can lay back, relax and at the same time enjoy the amazing panoramic view. Our driver takes you on a bumpy ride off the beaten tracks to a beautiful waterfall. The different landscapes of Thailand will pass by in front of your eyes and a light wind will tumble your hair.

During the whole day you will have ample opportunities to enjoy the jungle’s sounds, wildlife and some of the rarest plant around here. You will realize that it is so easy to be happy.