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Khao Lak Safari

Khao Lak Safari

We travel to the most remote, pristine and secret places in the area. Our Khao Lak Safari to the Khao Lak Lamru National Park will offer you a perfect chance to explore the nature off the beaten track.

The majority of the park is formed of mountains. The Takuapa and Phang Nga Rivers cut through these mountains, forming numerous waterfalls and cascades.

In the National Park you can find sandy beaches, protruding rocks and corals, however, the majority of the park is covered with an evergreen rainforest that provides habitat and shelter for many exotic animals and beautiful plants.

In Khao Lak Lamru National Park you can see beautiful wild jungle orchids, rarely seen slow loris, deer, wild pigs, monitor lizards, sea eagles, hornbills, numerous species of butterflies and there are also countless other species to discover here.

Activity Include

Transfers to and from your hotel, national park fees, life jackets (also for children), lunch and non-alcoholic beverages, insurance and tour guide.

Trip Duration

Full day