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Handling Money

Khao lak Handling Money

Handling Money

Handling money in Thailand, all the infos…



master card



Debit-, Creditcards and Atm’s are making it easier for everyone to have access to their money at home as well as during holidays. For most of the Tourists it’s now normal to use their Bankcards, also aboard, like in Khao Lak.

By now you can find the ATMs everywhere in Thailand, in every street, behind every corner. Thai ATMs are in general really safe.

Maximum daily withdrawal depends on the limits set for each type of Bank, normally around 10.000 to 20.000 THB. Each time there is a charge of 200 Bath, so take as much as you can at once to avoid paying extra charge.

A little instruction to Withdraw money at Thai ATMs

-Put the Debit- or Creditcard in the ATM

-Enter the 4- digit PIN

-Choose language English


-‚Saving Account‘

– Enter the amount (in thai bath)

– ‚OK‘

– First pick up money and than the card

– Do you want a slip? ‘Yes’

The settings for this can be from ATM to ATM differently but always easy.

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