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Khao Lak Tides 2022

Khao Lak gezeiten

Khao Lak Tides 2022

What you need to know about Tides

Tides are caused by the combined effects of gravitational forces that come from the sun and the moon. A tide is a fall and a rise of the sea level. The tides in Khao Lak change every 6 hours, with the following consequence that the beach grows and shrinks over the day.

There are four different characteristics for tides.

  • there is the flood tide, at this time the sea level rises so much that almost the whole beaches are under water  in Khao Lak
  • At high tide the water level is on its peak
  • during the ebb tide, the water level decreases, its a very good tie in Khao Lak to go to the beach
  • The water level stops falling, when it reaches the low tide

At full moon the gravitational force from the moon is so strong that the high tide is reached very quickly.

You will find a live weather webcam from Khao Lak

Tides in Khao Lak 2022

To enjoy beautiful promenades and sunsets at the beach check the tide timetable underneath. There you can find out which date and which time is the best to go to the beach.

Tide Tables Khao Lak 2022

Timetable 2022

Tide Table Khao Lak 2022

Tide Table Khao Lak 2022


Tide Table Khao Lak 2022

Tide Table Khao Lak 2022







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