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Do you need a Transfer from Phuket Airport to Khao Lak or would you like to go to Phuket, Krabi, etc.? – in every case you are right here! We offer all kind of transfers for single persons and groups. All of our well-equipped Minivans are controlled by experienced drivers. Book with us for a comfortable ride to arrive safe and on time at your desired destination.


Latest from our Khao Lak Blog

  • Mukata The “ Mukata – all you can restaurant” is about 3 km to the north of Bang Niang’s Police boat and located on the right side. You can’t see this local restaurant from the street. It is situated in a hidden backyard.It is open every day from 5pm to 11pm. The idea of the restaurant is very simple: you......

  • If someone would tell you that there is a place, where a giant coral reef erupted from the sea about 200 million years ago and that today it is covered by the world’s oldest jungle worldwide. A place, where wild elephants, monkeys and leopards roam the evergreen and limestone cliffs rise steeply from turquoise waters. Would you believe him? Well,......

  • There are currently only two kinds of elephants on our planet: the African elephant and the Indian or Asian elephant. Differences The two types are easily distinguished. Elephants use their ears to dispense body heat, the larger the ears, the more space they have for body heat. In the forests of Asia it is not too hot like in the African savanna,......

  • Bird’s nest soup – a delicacy made out of saliva The bird’s nest soup is an edible-nest-swiflet which is found mostly in South-east Asia and is build with saliva. The nests are rich in protein and therefore highly demanded. The White- nest swiflet uses only its spittle for the nests whereas the Black-nest swiflet also uses feathers and leafs for building......