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5 reasons, why Khao Sok Nationalpark is a dream destination for explorer


5 reasons, why Khao Sok Nationalpark is a dream destination for explorer

If someone would tell you that there is a place, where a giant coral reef erupted from the sea about 200 million years ago and that today it is covered by the world’s oldest jungle worldwide. A place, where wild elephants, monkeys and leopards roam the evergreen and limestone cliffs rise steeply from turquoise waters. Would you believe him?

Well, let me tell you a secret. This place does exist.

The place is called Khao Sok Natonalpark, its located in the province of Surat Thani and is without any doubts one of the most impressive parts of nature in the southern part of Thailand. It is a piece of paradise for adventurous people and will take you away for a short time. Away from everyday life, far away from civilization. A world, where gibbon monkeys wake you up in the morning with their calls. A place, where you will wish to be nowhere else in the world.

I know, I know – it sounds a little bit exaggerated. But to be honest: Khao Sok Nationalpark is a once in a lifetime experience. I don’t know any Thailand traveller, who visited the Khao Sok and did not fall in love.

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience, that you will remember for your lifetime? Then read on to find out what to expect!

khao sok nationalpark

The Khao Sok Nationalpark: Nature pure with less tourists

You probably asked yourself the following (or at least similar) questions while planning your vacation to Thailand:

Where is a place that has not yet been spoiled by mass tourism?

Why do I have the feeling that I often miss out on the best things during my holiday?

Where can I experience a real adventure and not simply run after other tourists?

I often experienced that I saw a fantastic place in a travel guide, which was in reality not as pretty as on the pictures. This won’t happen at Khao Sok. This place is in its original even better, because there is no way to put this beautiful nature in pictures.

If you are already in Thailand or you are planning on going to, Khao Sok Nationalpark should be on top of your bucketlist – it is definitely a MUST SEE!

I am giving you 5 reasons, why you should start planning a trip to Khao Sok:

khao sok nationalpark

Experience your own Hollywood movie – with you as the star!

Do you know these impressive panorama views from movies, when the camera flies gently of the beautiful nature? Imagine you are walking through this nature.

While you are visiting Khao Sok you will get all of this: Postcards-motives everywhere and every second. Majestic limestone cliffs rise from the dense rainforest in dramatic formations

Rapids invite adventurous travelers on a ride with a dinghy. Waterfalls hidden deep in the jungle are just waiting for you to spot them.

On your trip to the Khao Sok, you will feel like your own personal adventure movie.

wild elephant in khao sok nationalpark

Discover animals, which you only have know from the zoo

A visit at the zoo is always a great experience. But what would you say if you could see all the exotic animals in the wild? Khao Sok is the perfect option to see animals, because there is no other Nationalpark in Thailand that has such a big biodiversity such as: hornbills, while-tailed eagles, macaques, gibbons and elephants. In the remote Khlong-Saeng- Wildreserve in the northern part of the nationalpark are also living leopards and apparently a tiger. So beware and always take your camera with you!

khao sok rock and treehouse resort

Drive with the longtail boat over sunken cities

When you a driving with a traditional thai longtailboat on the Cheow-Lan-Lake, you will think as you as an explorer from a long gone time. The huge Khao Sok Lake is double the size of the Chiemlake and covers more sunken cities, which where flooded. At the less deep spots of the sea you can even see the treetops sticking out of the turquoise waters. The lake is the ideal starting point for kayaking trips and jungle trekking. My personal highlight (and that of most of the other visitors) is the floating bamboo hut, where you set up your camp in the middle of the lake.

khao sok nationalpark

Spend one day in paradise – without any uninvited visitors

Of course everyone is looking for the authentic travel destination, which nobody else knows and with what you can make everyone else, especially the ones at home, jealous of. Even though the Khao Sok is not an unknown place, there are worlds in between the overcrowded sightseeing spots in Thailand and the untouched nature in the Khao Sok. The Nationalpark is so big, that you will never have the feeling of following a big tourist crowd. And when you get up early in the morning in your bamboo hut in the middle of the sea, it might feel like for a minute, that you are Robinson Crusoe on a lonely island.

khao sok nationalpark

Take memories with you home, which you will never forget

If you choose to do an adventure in the Khao Sok Nationalpark you should be aware of one thing: A trip to the Khao Sok Nationalpark is different than walking along the beach promenade. There are no paved roads in the rainforest, you have to watch out for leeches and it can get damn hot. Even the bamboo huts where you can sleep are not in comparison to a luxury hotel.  But honestly you will get something much more valuable: The ability to completely switch off for a moment and get an insight into a world far away from everyday life and civilization. This experience will accompany you your lifetime.

And isn’t this exactly the reason why we are going on vacation?

cheow lan lake at Khao Sok nationalpark

I want to go there! What do I have to do?

Khao Lak Land Discovery offers various of exciting tours to the Khao Sok Nationalpark. Click here, to see their offer. I did the 2 day wildlife tour where you are staying overnight on the famous lake – but you can choose between a one day, two day or even three day trip, depending on how much time you have.

All of the tours include:

  • Pick up from the hotel at the agreed time
  • Arrival and Transfer back
  • Entry fee for the Nationalpark
  • Food and drinks
  • Professional English, French or German speaking Guide

Usually the groups are small, starting from 4 persons up to 12 and the guides are really good, because they know the Nationalpark by heart and will show you spots which would you never find by yourself. Because of that, the tours are quickly fully booked, so we recommend to book early.

To experience the Khao Sok on your own is theoretically possible – but you need to be prepared properly! The Nationalpark is gigantic and has a size of 700 km2. You can get lost easily and that is not something you want to joke with. Unfortunately you cannot go by yourself to places like the bamboo huts on the Cheow-Lan-Lake, you will need a driver for the boat.

The tour with Khao Lak Land Discovery is the best option if you want to escape the masstourism, have a real jungle experience and if you are looking for experienced guidance.

It’s the best of both worlds!

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